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Sports Education

Sri Ramachandra University has always been in the forefront of education. It conceptualised and developed a Master Degree program in Sports Medicine on par with the international standards adhering to the curriculum of leading universities worldwide. The University also merits MD (Sports Medicine) course which is the first of its kind in India and is also recognised by the Medical Council of India (MCI). It has also initiated an undergraduate course, B.Sc. Sports and Exercise Sciences in academic collaboration with the University of Cape Town, South Africa and is planning many other Allied Courses in the field of sports science like Sports Nutrition, Sports Physiotherapy, Bio Kinetics, Sports Psychology etc.

Coaches and Trainers play a crucial role in building and shaping the career of any sportsperson. A thorough knowledge of the basics of Sports Sciences and understanding of the principles behind modern scientific training of the players will be a huge advantage for them. SRASSC is partnering with Exercise & Training Academy (ETA), Cape Town, South Africa for providing world class education and training culminating in authentic Certification for Coaches and Trainers. This will indirectly but definitely help the athletes.

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  • Gary Kirsten at SRASSC
  • Gary Kirsten at SRASSC
  • Glen Mcgrath at SRASSC
  • Jiji Thomson - Sai at SRASSC
  • Jiji Thomson at SRASSC
  • Kasturi Rangan at SRASSC
  • Kasturi Rangan at SRASSC
  • Marc Portus at SRASSC
  • Mohammad Hafeez at SRASSC
  • Msd at SRASSC
  • S.Venkatraghavan at SRASSC
  • Srinath at SRASSC
  • Sunil Narine at SRASSC
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