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High Performance Centre

The High Performance Centre of SRASSC is now a preferred training venue for many international, national and local sport teams and individuals because of the excellent training facilities, sports medical and scientific services as well as hospitality. It is a recognised multifunctional and multi-disciplinary facility better described as a "one-stop" shop for elite high performance athletes.

In today’s competitive sporting arena all sportspersons need to have a high level of Fitness covering Strength, Stamina, Flexibility and Agility. SRASSC has the latest and the best High performance training equipment. Maintaining a high level of fitness using the state of the art equipment will prevent many injuries in the first place. All Sportspersons training here will come under the watchful eyes of the Exercise Science and Sports Medicine specialists.

The High Performance Centre at SRASSC is a dedicated area for training of elite level athlete. It is equipped with strength training machines from Rogers Athletic Company and aerobic equipment like CONCEPT2 rowers and spinning bikes. The facility will be managed by experts from South Africa and will adhere to the latest research based Testing and Training protocols developed by the highly skilled and experienced team of professionals at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA). An Indoor Swimming pool adds to the variety of training options available to the athletes.

The Exercise Physiology Labs are equipped with JAGER VO2 analysers to conduct breathing analysis, a Laboratory Treadmill with inclination and declination up to 35% and speed limit of 40 km/h, a LODE Cycle Ergometer with high wattage to conduct tests like Wingate test. VO2 analyser with canopy hood will also enable analysis of basal metabolism rates. Blood Lactate analysis and Muscle Biopsy can also be carried out on a need to basis.

The Isokinetic machine from BIODEX will enable objective and precise assessments of athlete muscle strength and enable faster rehabilitation for athletes recovering from injuries. An Indoor Swimming pool adds to the variety of training options available to the athletes.

The Environmental Chamber is designed to simulate high altitude conditions and control the ambient oxygen levels which will benefit athletes playing endurance sports.

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  • Gary Kirsten at SRASSC
  • Gary Kirsten at SRASSC
  • Glen Mcgrath at SRASSC
  • Jiji Thomson - Sai at SRASSC
  • Jiji Thomson at SRASSC
  • Kasturi Rangan at SRASSC
  • Kasturi Rangan at SRASSC
  • Marc Portus at SRASSC
  • Mohammad Hafeez at SRASSC
  • Msd at SRASSC
  • S.Venkatraghavan at SRASSC
  • Srinath at SRASSC
  • Sunil Narine at SRASSC
  • Andrew Leipus at SRASSC