Sri Ramachandra Arthroscopy
& Sports Sciences Centre

Become fit to compete again!

Sports Medicine

At the Sports Medicine division of SRASSC, we work with all levels of athletes - from recreational to professional - with the goal of returning them to the sport that they enjoy playing - fit and improved!
We offer

  • Sports Physician Consultations
  • Periodic Health Assessment of athletes
  • Medical management of injuries, illnesses and other conditions
  • Advice regarding Supplements and Medications with respect to Doping test concerns
  • Therapeutic Use Exemption certificates
  • Immunisation and Vaccination
  • Prevention of Travel and food related medical disorders
  • Medical Fitness Testing and Certification regarding Recommendations for Rest and Return to Play
  • Medical Clearance for Exercise and Rehab programs during or after injuries and illness
  • Procedures like Muscle Biopsy, Intra-articular and Intra-lesional injections
  • Age assessment
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  • Gary Kirsten at SRASSC
  • Gary Kirsten at SRASSC
  • Glen Mcgrath at SRASSC
  • Jiji Thomson - Sai at SRASSC
  • Jiji Thomson at SRASSC
  • Kasturi Rangan at SRASSC
  • Kasturi Rangan at SRASSC
  • Marc Portus at SRASSC
  • Mohammad Hafeez at SRASSC
  • Msd at SRASSC
  • S.Venkatraghavan at SRASSC
  • Srinath at SRASSC
  • Sunil Narine at SRASSC
  • Andrew Leipus at SRASSC