Towards a Healthier Tomorrow Together

Declared under section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956
Accredited by NAAC with 'A' Grade ( CGPA 3.62 on a 4 point scale )

News Letters

  • Summer brings with it a ton of fun, brighter & longer days and time for vacation & outdoor activities. Sunny skies and rising temperatures do more than making our environment warmer. Increased availability of sunlight to synthesise vitamin D and seasonal fruits enriched with vitamin C help prevent chronic diseases.
    Hearty congratulations to all the Chancellor's summer research fellowship awardees. Such programs serve to provide student fellowship and faculty support for mentored research experience. It is an opportunity for the undergraduate students to develop technical & critical thinking skills fostering an interest in science & kindling career goals.

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  • Our silver jubilee convocation was a great moment that witnessed the budding generation of healthcare professionals bring laurels to their parents and teachers. It is also that time of the year when some inspiring words of wisdom are bestowed on the fresh minds to empower them and make them believe in themselves.
    Research and innovation is the keystone of any academic endeavor. The National Science Day celebration demonstrated a motley of science projects that exhibited the efforts of young researchers.
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  • March heralds the celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The women's day celebration at SRU served as a means to gain inspiration from one another and become stronger. Eco-walk in the campus was a good initiative to recognize the need to preserve and protect our natural resources. Tamil Section reveals the value of personal relationships. Though the mobile phone is the quickest means of communication, a source of reference for studying and a means of entertainment, it leaves us without communicating in person creating estrangement in relationships.

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  • February - the month of love and happiness is here to celebrate the spirit of togetherness with your loved ones. Healthy and loving relationships involve seeing the good in others and respecting their ideas and values. 
    Sports and games are the precise avenues to channelize the energy and vitality of students and make their leisure hours worthwhile. Did you know? in this issue highlights thelaunch of the International Cricket Academy of Excellence at Sri Ramachandra Arthroscopy & Sports Sciences Centre. Team sports like Cricket instill a sportive spirit in students making them capable of meeting the challenges in future.

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  • As we are marching into another year, it is time to look back and be grateful for all the good times in the past year. Let us also fill our hearts with new hopes and reach out for new opportunities in the year ahead.
    The fun filled Pongal celebration in the campus is a great opportunity to showcase our talents and enjoy the season as a family. The rapid review programs conducted by various departments are a novel approach to increase professional knowledge and skills. They focus on the individual learning requirements, use interactive educational format and facilitate professional development.

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  • As the year slips by and we are ready to welcome a new one, it's time to look back with a reflective mind the good deeds we have done and our inaccuracies over the past year. As the sayings go, 'we learn from our mistakes' and 'history repeats itself' - transition and transformation needs to be grounded in the past 12 months of our lives.
    We need to build relationships by throwing off all hypocrisies says Happiness is. Life becomes a wonderful journey when we accept shortcomings & inadequacies and share a beautiful, intimate, transaction less relationship with everyone. Let us learn to communicate, connect and relate to our loved ones without any inhibitions.

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