Inauguration of UG Paramedical Degree Programmes – 2019-2020 15 July 2019

On 15th of July 2019 the inauguration of the academic session of the first year UG Paramedical Degree Program 2019-20 took place at the University auditorium. The morning breakfast was served at the auditorium for both the students and the parents , who had come to attend the programme. The members of the Student Council welcomed all the parents and students.

The programme was given a devotional start with a prayer song followed by SRIHER Anthem. A heartwarming welcome note was given by the eminent Dean-Research and Professor of Eminence Dr.S.P.Thyagarajan wherein he emphasized the accreditation that SRIHER has got and also encouraged the students to involve themselves in various research works and utilize each and every opportunity that is offered. The programme was inaugurated by lighting up of the lamp by the dignitaries on the dias and that was a flying start to the session. Professor of Eminence and Advisor-Academics, Prof.K.V.Somasundaram explicated about the 30 years journey of SRIHER and how the students have made SRIHER proud in a worldwide forum. He also pointed out the hospitality given to the students at the campus will be like ‘A Home away from Home’. Following this, the Father of Allied Health Sciences Prof.T.K.Parthasarathy, Professor of Eminence and Chief Advisor mentioned the development of SRIHER from 100 MBBS students to multiple number of allied health science programmes. He highlighted that ‘It is not what you do matters, it is how well you do matters’ in order to boost up and enlighten the paramedical students. He ended up with ‘Knowledge, Attitude and Skills’ being the three keys to success and wished all the students best of luck.

Dr.Ravikumar, Dean-Education extended a warm welcome to all the students to the SRIHER family. He reinforced the point that Prof.S.P.Thyagarajan said ‘Empathy, Sympathy and Devotion to duty is important’. He also briefed about the student mentorship programme, library access and the feedback facilities at SRIHER. The ever enthusiastic person Dr.K.Balaji Singh, Dean of Students introduced all the principals of the respective colleges to the gathering.

The programme concluded with the vote of thanks by The Registrar- Mr.Swaminathan. He mentioned that there are about 157 courses currently been taught at SRIHER with 3000 employees and 7000 students. He concluded saying that “Teachers and Doctors are the two people who have the skill of providing life and it is considered to be holy, you are blessed to be one among them ”.Finally he thanked everyone for their graceful presence. The parents and students broke up and were sent to their respective colleges.

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