MBBS Freshers party 2018

Freshers 2018 programme, was organized by the students MBBS,3rd Semester,of Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research. Dr. Mahesh Vakamudi Dean of Faculties, Dr. K. Balaji Singh ,Dean of Students, Dr. Leena Dennis Joseph Assistant Dean of Students, Dr. Pankaj Shah, Assistant Dean of Students, faculty members belonging to different departments of MBBS, First Year, students of MBBS, First Year and students of MBBS, Second Year(Third Semester) were present on this occasion.

This event was held to welcome the students of MBBS, First Year. It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to interact with their seniors and faculty members. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and curiosity. The junior batch students waited eagerly to witness the programmes that were planned for them ,meticulously by their seniors.

This event started off with a welcome speech that was presented by Gouri Vinod Pillai. Nanda Kishoore and Salikaa Lakshmanan were the hosts on that afternoon. The welcome speech was followed by a spectacular Bhangra dance performance that was put together by the talented dancers of the senior batch.

An icebreaking session was planned,where the students were divided into small groups making it easier for them to interact with their seniors.

A surprise flash mob was organized, which was followed by a short dance floor event for all the students. The event ended with a vote of thanks and proved to be a successful programme among the juniors who bustled about with joy and happiness.