MBBS Fresher’s Party 2019

The much awaited Freshers’ Party for the MBBS first year students, organised by their immediate seniors, took place on Saturday, 7th September, in the post lunch session.

The Freshers batch arrived to the main auditorium, at near full strength, reaching the venue more promptly than they would appear for their morning lectures.

Beaming faces looked on, as the seniors, led by the Student Council, commenced their meticulously planned event.

It included enjoyable musical performances and segments where the juniors were provided an insight into what awaited them in their life as medical students, seasoned with humour.

A variety of interactive sessions followed, including a game of competitive eating and tug of war. With the Freshers emerging victorious against their seniors, the spirit of sportsmanship dissipated all the previous trepidation the juniors had with regard to approaching their seniors.

This was followed by small group discussions, where the freshmen and seniors got to interact on a one-to-one basis.
A quiz on SRIHER trivia was interrupted by a vibrant performance in the form of a flash mob, with a decibel-challenging cheer from the audience.

As juniors and seniors alike joined in to groove along to various songs, exultation soared high. The afternoon drew soon to a close, and only beaming faces were seen leaving the auditorium, energised and motivated to get back to the grind of college life.