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Courses offered:
Bachelor of Optometry (B. Optom)

Training provided (Special like simulation lab etc.,):
Refraction Practice lab with Phantom
Contact lens skill lab
Low vision Mobility and orientation training
Insight into Braille
Vocational training guidance for visually challenged
Squint and Orthoptic training lab
Oculomotor training for Children with Special needs
Behavioral training for Visual information processing
Behavioral training for perceptual skill development
Visual Optics Lab
Dispensing Optics skill lab
Physical Optics lab
Geometric Optics Lab
Entrepreneur skills

Teachers / faculty Training
Faculty development program on Teaching-Learning Outcome
Train the trainers – IACLE
Faculty development program on Entrepreneurship education 
Australian Awards fellowship, 2013 

Innovative Teaching

Group discussions
Model making
Poster Presentations
Puppet Show
Street Play
Role play