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Human Genetics

Courses Offered: M.Sc. Human Genetics
Duration : 2 years

A candidate desiring to join the two year program leading to the M.Sc. Human Genetics Degree Course should have passed the MBBS/ BDS or B. Sc. Genetics/ Biomedical Sciences/ Emergency & Trauma Care Technology/ Botany/ Zoology/ Biology/ Life Sciences/ Biochemistry/ Microbiology/ Biotechnology/ Allied Health Sciences/ Agriculture/ B.V. Sc. / B. Pharmacy/ B. Tech (Biotechnology)/ degree examination of any recognized University. Candidates who have passed the Honours Degree examination in the above subjects are also eligible.

The M.Sc.Human Genetics, a two year postgraduate non-medical programme, is aimed at training students from basic sciences in the fast growing field of human genetics understanding the concept of genetic basis for transmission of characters from parents to offspring, and dealing with identification and prediction of genetic disorders, research and diagnostics. Further, this programme is designed to provide a thorough training in a particular subject area through formal lectures and / or seminar with practical experience. The syllabus framed by the University for the Course is in line with the American Board of Human Cytogenetics / Molecular Genetics and it is designed to achieve an internationally accepted standard and also to better understand the modern concepts of genetic basis of inheritance, diagnosis, prediction and research in human system. The research project provides training in a particular area through original exploration and experiment culminating in the preparation of a dissertation that concludes the research undertaken. Thus the programme shall impart to students advanced theoretical and practical aspects of subjects previously studied by them in a more general manner at the undergraduate level.

The graduates of this course will be in a position to fill the demand in research laboratories worldwide, medical colleges and academic institutions and to meet the challenges related to genetic basis of human population and diseases. The students who complete this program will be very highly skilled graduates and can be immediately absorbed into diagnostics laboratories in various fields of Medical Genetics, Pharmaceutical laboratories and research & development institutes across the globe in addition to pursue higher studies.

Ph. D. Programme:
It is possible to proceed to Ph.D. program after completion of the course in several fields like Molecular Genetics, Cancer Genetics, Radiation and Chemical Mutagenesis, Cytogenetics, Molecular Cytogenetics, and Immunogenetics at this center. The department has a good track record of research projects and has qualified, experienced research investigators to carry out various research projects. The Principle and co-investigators are also approved guides for full time and part time Ph.D. programmes. There are several recognized guides within the campus carrying out research with externally funded projects.