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Clinical focus
  1. Preliminary eye examination is being done in routine basis.
  2. Detailed squint evaluation is being done.
  3. Complete orthoptics evaluation is being done and appropriate treatment and exercises is given.
  4. Soft and RGP contact lens is being fitted and practiced.
  5. Cognitive development, eye hand coordination, vestibular balance is being trained by giving therapy.
  6. Early stimulation and home therapy is being given to pre mature babies.
  7. Vision therapy is given to special children in vidya sudha.
  8. Fundus Fluorescein angiography done for retinal diagnosis.
  9. Low vision examination is being done and appropriate referral is being given to the patients for the overall management.
  10. School Screening camps are being conducted for early detection of refraction errors.
  11. Multispecialty and community camps are being conducted to screen for cataract patients.
  12. Complete ocular diagnosis is being done with fully equipped high end instruments.

Department of optometry conducts different outreach programme every year in and around Chennai along with optometry students and faculties providing preliminary eye care services hence preventing avoidable blindness.

The department plays a vital role in delivering Community Optometry services. It includes vision screening in schools, refractive error screening, cataract screening in the districts like Kancheepuram, Thiruvallur, Vellore, and Chengalpattu. The department also serves in Primary Health Care centers of Thiruvanmiyur, Voyalanallur and Nemam areas. The department also provides clinical training for the students under all sub-specialties. Poor school children are supported with free spectacles.