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Sentence of the Day


Conferences organized by the department
C.M.E. Programmes Organised:
S.No. DATE VENUE Speaker Topic Total no. of Delegates
1. 13/3/2012 Lecture Hall 1(University Auditorium) Prof. Dr. Shankar (Professor of Neurology, SRU) Sleep disorder 146
2. 10/4/2012 Dental Basement Auditorium Dr. T.N. Srinivasan(Consultant Psychiatrist, Sydney Australia) Management of Metabolic Syndrome in Schizophrenia 150
3. 26/6/2012 Dental Basement Auditorium 1.Dr. Chitrambalam, Assistant Professor of Neurology, SRU2.Dr. Rudran, Eminent Psychiatrist 1.Neurobiology of craving 2.Bodhaiyum Thadumaariya Pathaiyum 325
4. 14/7/2012 Central Library Auditorium Prof. Dr. R. Balakrishnan s(Professor and Head, Dept of psychiatry), Prof. Dr.Sathinathan (Professor of psychiatry, Management of psychiatric disorders- Depot 119
5. 10/10/2012 Dental College Basement Dr.M. Suresh kumar, Consultant psychiatrist, Psymed Hospital. Post stock depression 350
6. 1/11/12 to 4/11/12 University Auditorium, SRMC & RI, Porur International & National Speakers (40) - 500
7. 27/2/2013 Dental Basement Auditorium Dr. Thara, Director of SCARF , Dr. M. Suresh kumar, Director of Psymed hospital Psychosis and clinical practice- Identification and management, Substance abuse and dependence 236
8. 10/10/2013 Central Library Auditorium Prof. Dr. U. Velmurugendran (Chairman and director of Neurology), Dr. Fr. James PhD, Consultant in Neuropsychology, VHS, Taramani Is mild cognitive impairment a risk for dementia”, Assessment of mild cognitive impairment 130
9. 25/ 01/2014 Central Library Auditorium Prof. Dr. M. Peter Fernandez (Former superintendent, IMH Chennai and former HOD, psychiatry MMC and SRMC& RI) Stress management through Self-hypnosis 120
10. 26/6/2014 Central Library Auditorium Dr. R. Rajkumar, Professor of Psychiatry, SRM medical college Chennai Three decades of experience in alcohol treatment with personal notes 120
11. 18/09/2014 Central Library  Auditorium Dr. M. Suresh kumar (Director of Psymed Hospital) Dementia: Can we reduce the risk? 122
12. 9/10/2014 Central Library Auditorium Dr. M. Suresh Kumar (Consultant Psychiatrist, Psymed hospital, Chennai) Living with schizophrenia 120
13. 24/2/2015 Dept. of Social Work – Madras Christian College Dr. Padmapriya.C Senior Resident, Dept of Psychiatry, SRU Alcoholism and its Effects 70
14. 12/3/2015 Central Library Auditorium Dr. Alfred Amaladoss MD,FRCPS Optimizing Response and Remission in Major Depressive Disorder with add –on strategies- “ a Road Map” 125
15. 17/3/2015 Psychiatry Class Room(G-Block OPD Dr. Cecilia P. Marget Childhood Depression 52
16. 2/4/2015 Central Library Auditorium Dr.Daniel P.Alford “Unhealthy Alcohol Use in General Health Care Setting”. More than 100
17. 25/5/2015 G-Block, Psychiatric ward Brochures distribution, Video presentation, Psycho educating the patients
18. 21/6/2015 G-Block, Psychiatric ward S. Stephenraj / Trainer on soft skills / Yoga & Meditation.
19. 26/6/2015 Central Library  Auditorium Dr. S. Mohan Raj, MD, DNB Understanding Drug Dependence & Addictive Behaviour 110
20. 21/09/2015 Central Library  Auditorium Dr. R. Thara, Director, SCARF “Dementia services – Need of the hour” 100
21. 09/10/2015 Central Library Auditorium Sanyasi Shiva Rishi “Training the mind – The art of Yoga nitra” 100
22. 24/5/2016
Dr. M. Suresh Kumar Dignity in Mental Health Empowering people with Schizophrenia
23. 27/6/2016

Awareness Programme to mark the “International Day Against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking”
24. 21/9/2016 Dental Basement Auditorium Prof. M. Suresh Kumar Alzheimer’s- Dementia “Remember me” 225