Sri Ramachandra College of Management

About the Department
The vast and imposing facility of the medical centre and hospital will be utilized if the younger generation do get an opportunity to learn from the administration and the working systems. SRU appreciated the need for capable Health Care administrators who can alleviate the administrative burden of the doctors and help enhance the service potentials of the Hospital and came up with the idea of starting Sri Ramachandra College of Management , a constituent college of Sri Ramachandra University in the year 2001 rolex replica watches.
“To make Sri Ramachandra College of Management, a potential, global centre of excellence in Education, Healthcare and Research”
To educate and develop individuals to be professional, ethical and socially responsible
To provide a culture of care and empathy committed to innovation and adaptation of new appropriate, cost effective   technology.
To undertake quality research, consultancy and training programmes.
To collaborate with stakeholders for support and participation in its programmes in education, service, outreach and research.
To strive for the promotion of health and wholeness in individuals and the community at large, with special concern for the differently-abled and underprivileged.