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An Interaction with Hon'ble Prime Minister with Students to discuss Examination Stress

Sports & Exercise Sciences

About the Department
The B.Sc. in Sports and Exercise Science Degree course is being offered by Sri Ramachandra University in collaboration with the University of Cape Town, South Africa, a world renowned university for sports medicine and exercise science. The faculty of University of Cape Town are expected to participate in teaching and training of students enrolled in this course. This is a four-year course, covering all aspects of sports and exercise science. Sri Ramachandra University is putting up the necessary infrastructure like the state of the art gymnasium, with excellent equipment, etc. The University already has excellent play fields and other sports and recreational facilities. Besides class room teaching in theoretical aspects, the students will be enabled to have practical experience by postings in various sports and athletic clubs and other establishments. Students who graduate will have ample opportunities in getting employment in sports and science establishments, associations, clubs -- both private and public sector.