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Human Genetics

Outreach and community activities
Services Offered 
Genetic Testing can play a key role in your diagnosis and treatment. Our genetic testing combines more than 19 years of experience with state-of-the-art facilities to provide comprehensive, reliable, timely and Our accreditations include NABL for genetic testing and Government of Tamil Nadu for prenatal diagnosis. 

Who should contact Genetic Services? 
The most common reasons for seeking help from Genetic Services include: 
Having already had a child with a hereditary (genetic) condition 
Concern when individuals in the family have unusual features or multiple birth defects 
A woman in her mid-30’s or older who is either planning a pregnancy or is already pregnant Intending parents are close relatives such as cousins 
Exposure to a potential teratogen (or medication during pregnancy) which may cause a birth defect 
History of stillbirth or greater than three miscarriages 
Unexplained male infertility 
Prenatal diagnosis for a known problem or risk 
Familial clustering of a specific cancer - particularly with two or more affected first degree relatives with a young age of onset. 

Our Test list includes: 
Cytogenetics correlates structural and numerical changes in chromosomes (genotype) with their clinical effects (phenotype). 

FISH Analysis uses specific DNA probes to detect submicroscopic deletions, aneuploidy and specific hematological markers. 

Molecular Genetic Tests assist in the diagnosis of disorders caused by a single gene like DMD, infertility and HLA typing for transplantation  

Development of New Technology and the Testing is constantly under way, while we continue to provide routine genetics tests of the highest quality. For further information contact Ext 8231/8230 [D1, Central Laboratory services]