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Biomedical Sciences

Research focus
Thrust area
Radiobiology, Radiation genetics, Diabetes, Cancer biology, Nephrology, Neurodegeneration, Stem cells, Tissue engineering, Biomaterials, Musculoskeletal regeneration

Various labs like Tissue engineering, Stem cells, Genomics, Proteomics, Biophysics, Biopharmaceuticals, Microbiology, Zebra fish, Drosophila and Herbal lab in the Department of Biomedical Sciences are equipped with state of the art instruments that includes;
Biosafety level cabinets
CO2 incubators
Inverted microscope
Upright fluorescent microscope
Nanodrop spectrophtometer
Agarose gel electrophoresis
Western blot apparatus
Vertical gel electrophoretic apparatus
Cooling centrifuge
-20 C freezer
Gas chromatography
Muffle furnace
FT-IR spectrometer

“A process of extraction of bio-active compounds exhibiting anticancer property from cymodocea serrulata and product thereof”, Indian Patent Application- IPR No. 1293/CHE/2015.

 “A Process of extraction of bio-active compounds exhibiting anticancer property from Conus inscriptus and product thereof” Indian Patent Application- IPR No. 1293/CHE/2015.

Ph.D research work

S.No Name Title Guide
1. M.K.Kalaivani Protective Effect of Phyto-constituents of Boerhaavia diffusa against Calcineurin inhibitors Induced Nephrotoxicity in Renal Cell Line. Dr. A. Sumathy
2. Gowri Palanissami Anticancer and antiglycation activities of Herbal Formulations against breast cancer. Prof. Solomon. F.D.Paul
3. Cordelia John Antiadipogenic and antiobesity effects of two flavonoids and two phenolic acids in experimentally induced obese mice. Dr. A. Sumathy
4. Bhavana Jonalaggada Anticancer activity of Bacoside Enriched Extract (BEE) against prostarte cancer cell lines Dr. A. Sumathy
5. L. Aishwarya Potency enhancement of Mesenchymal stem cells for treating neurodegenerative disorders Dr. Sp.S. Suresh Kannan
6. R.T. Ginila Family based association studies of growth factor gene polymorphisms in cleft lip with or without cleft palate Prof. Solomon. F.D. Paul