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Research focus
Thrust Area: 
Examination of Children with special needs 
Early intervention for vision development for children with special needs 
Vision therapy for Pediatric children and special children 

Project – formed especially
Refractive and accommodative status among the children with cerebral palsy in three special schools of chennai and the impact of the optical intervention on the visual acuity and accommodative response, funded by GATE project 

The effect of vision therapy in children with Autism funded by India Vision Institute 

Library – 2786 CD & DVD
430 online journals & 6 databases
Internet Facilities for staff and students – 2 terminals for faculties
Awards and Recognition
Ms. S. Jayarajini was an invited speaker on the topic “Diagnosing dry eyes for post-menopausal women in open and closed schirmer test without anesthesia” at the “8th Global Ophthalmology Meeting” held during July 18-19 2016 in Chicago, USA 

Ms. Jayarajini was invited as a guest speaker to deliver her thoughts on “Challenges in examining children with Special needs” in the celebration at Ethiraj College Auditorium, Chennai on 15th March 2015 conducted by ASOA (Alumni of school of Optometry Association, Tamilnadu) in commemoration of World Optometry Day2015. 

Ms. S. Jayarajini was invited as a guest speaker on 30.11.14 at Eye foundation, Coimbatore 

Ms. Jayarajini was invited as a guest speaker for “Prescribing Techniques in Pediatrics” in the OPTOCON 2014 and 4th state conference held on 25th May2014 at Dindugul. 

Ms.A.Valarmathi was invited for guest lecture on “Contact lens fitting” at AaarupadaiVeedu Medical College at Pondichery on 21.6.14 

Ms. A.Valarmathi was invited by ArupadaiVeedu Medical College, Pondicherry to give a Guest lecture on “Squint and Binocular vision” on 13th July 2013. The lecture was well received and appreciated 

Ms.Reena III year student project proposal on “Screening of colour vision deficiency in urban school children”got selected for summer project, May 2013 

Doctoral program – Ms. S. Jayarajini was the first candidate to complete PhD in Optometry at Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research.

Memberships :
Member of Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry in India (ASCO), Member of World Council of Optometry (WCO) 

Resource centre for International Association of Contact lens Educators (IACLE), Sydney, Australia