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Sri Ramachandra College of Management

Thrust areas for your department
  • Dr.A.SELVAM :   International Finance , Human Resource management
  • Dr.D.ANANTHARAJAN :   Hospital Management, Human resource Management
  • Ms.G.JABARETHINA : Human resource Management, Organizational Behaviour, Performance  management
  • Dr.A.BHOOMA DEVI :   Hospital Management, Total quality management in Hospitals, Six sigma in healthcare, Services Marketing, Safety and disaster management in Hospital, Legal aspects of hospital
  • Dr.P.SHARANYA: Service Marketing , Consumer Behaviour process, Human Resources , Healthcare Technology
  • Ms.P.JAKULIN DIVYA MARY:    Organization Citizenship Behaviour , Logistics Management , Marketing Management , Micro & Macro Economics
  • Ms.K.ROHINI :   Emotional Intelligence , Emotional Labour, Human Behaviour at work place
  • Ms.R.GAYATHRI  : Work life balance , Work place spirituality