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Sri Ramachandra College of Management

Thrust areas for your department
  • Dr.Selvam Jesiah :   Marketing, Customer Knowledge Management
  • Dr.A.Bhooma Devi: Healthcare Quality, Healthcare Technology and Healthcare Marketing
  • Dr.G.Jabarethina: Human Resource Management, Organization Behavior, Financial Accounting and Financial Management.
  • Dr.Srinivasan: Security Analysis & Portfolio Management, Derivatives & Risk Management, Time series analysis.
  • Dr.Poornima A S: Digital Marketing, Finance.
  • Ms.K.Rohini: Organization Behavior, Human Resource.
  • Ms.K.N.Priya: Healthcare Quality, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare Insurance.
  • Ms.T.Bharathi: Patient Rights, Medical ethics, Healthcare Quality.
  • Ms.S.Nithya Priya: Healthcare Technology, Healthcare Quality, Healthcare Marketing.