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Centre for Global Collaboration (CGC)

The word “Collaboration” …… is a powerful Latin derived one that has a meaning of “Work together”. Every body will agree that to come up in a particular field especially in the current technology driven world ….. working together is very essential to keep our self ahead.

With this in mind, Sri Ramachandra University has come up with an idea of creating the “Center for Global Collaboration” (CGC) in the year 2013. Interaction between other Institutions are happening at Sri Ramachandra University from its day of origin …. but …. to make it more easy and to bring a system …. CGC was created.

Our main aims are:

  1. To bring all the collaboration under “one roof “as they are scatted at the level of various member colleges and individual departments. This helps us to disseminate the knowledge derived from collaborations across the University.

  2. To create a “single window system” where the Pre MoU (Memorandum of understanding), MoU and Post MoU needs of any collaboration will be streamlined. This helped various departments in easing out the process involved in collaboration by following the paper work and in fact reducing it to the level possible. We help the individuals, departments and member colleges of our University in identifying the effective collaborators, in connecting them and easing the process of legal and financial components to arrive at a MoU within a reasonable period of time. As we take the “paper work burden” … off the shoulders of our faculty it enhances them to focus more efficiently in the productive action.

  3. To follow up the progress made through collaboration. This has to be performed to know the effectiveness of the collaboration and a centralized approach will help immensely. Learning from a successful collaborative effort will drive the all the “otherwise” relation ship and this will ultimately benefit the University.

We constantly ask for “feed back” from our utilizers in the standard of help we are providing and take the healthy criticisms to improve our self. “Learning from the Learnt” is helping us to grow in our field in this ever-advancing era. We completely understand that “Growth” is a journey and not a destination and asking for help in this vital travel is a wisdom and not weakness. As we have reached a level, we also take the step of … “Teaching the deserved” by sharing our knowledge through collaborations with other Institutions that ask our help. The creation of this center of excellence will keep us in line with our core value of “Remain socially meaningful”