An enthralling visit to Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research by the students of UMSU, Indonesia.

An interesting week on campus here at Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research. Nine MBBS students all the way from Medan, Indonesia are here for a visit as observers and short course on Oncology and Sports Sciences. These bright and fun-loving students are in their early twenties and found the Centre for Sports Sciences absolutely unique and interesting. They were also quite excited to learn about bio-mechanics that deals with analyzing human movements.
Hafzul said, “I really enjoyed the visit to the Sports Science Centre and it was fun to even learn a few exercises and workouts there.” The students are looking forward to the next two weeks of their stay here and say that they have learnt so much already. “This city feels like home and we really enjoyed our visit to Marina Beach and enjoyed our shopping at the Express Avenue and Phoenix Malls,” said Dhila. “We are learning so much here at this institution, we just had an engaging lecture on Oncology and it was also good to learn about sports medicine and other body assessments at the Sports Centre,” said Azuhra.