Photography Competition

The Student Council conducted a photography competition in collaboration with the photography club in March 2021


The competition was announced on 19th March and the relevant messages and posters were shared with students across batches in all courses. The participant
details and their photos were collected through google docs and compiled in google sheets. As many as 35 participants submitted their entries by the last date of 28th March.

Student Coordinators for the Competition:
Mr Rahul and Ms Maanvi, Student council members
Mr Vishnu and Mr Naveen, Photography club
Faculty mentors:
Dr. Leena Dennis Joseph
Dr. Lakshmi Venkatesh
Dr. Naveen Alexander
All the entries were compiled and shared with judges on the panel for this
photography competition
Judges on the panel:
• Dr.Praveen K Vanchi
• Dr.Naveen Alexander
• Dr.Betty Lincoln
Criteria for grading and points:
• Technical quality
• Proper exposure, shutter speed, white balance, and depth of field.
• Relevancy to Category Topic
• Creativity/Artistic Merit/Originality
• Composition
• Impact
• Is there an effect of visual communication between photographer and viewer? Is
it eye-catching?

Results of the Competition were announced as below:
1st prize: Atreya Guruprasad (3rd year MBBS)
2nd prize: Manoj Kumar (1st year, BSc Data Science) & Lekhana Ramachandran (3rd year MBBS)
3rd prize: Mohammed Ziyad Khan (CCRI, BDS) & Ashik Christo (2nd year, B Pharmacy)

E-certificates were given to the winners and Judges. The winning entries were featured on the social media pages of SRIHER.






SRIHER Photography Competition March 2021 – Photo Compilation