Synergy – Dance Club Programme

The Dance club of Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research conducted its first dance event – SYNERGY, on 17th April, 2019.

On this evening audience from various departments witnessed 4 vibrant group performances , two graceful duet performances and an energetic solo performance put up by almost 25 club members belonging to different departments like MBBS,BDS,BMS, AHS and all our allied health sciences.

The show started off with an Indian classical performance offering salutations to the Lord, the teacher and the audience which was followed by other performances covering styles like hip hop , bollywood, various folk and other classical formats to name a few.

This event gave the club members an opportunity to explore and learn different styles and to work with other dance club members belonging to different departments. It encouraged them to break their inhibitions and get on stage to showcase their passion and love for this magical art form- Dance.This event strengthened team building and leadership skills in our students,who got together to make this day a memorable one.

The event came to an end with an open dance floor where everyone came together and danced their hearts out.

SYNERGY as the names implies created a great magnitude of energy and proved to be a refreshing escape from the usual hectic routine.