Talent Day -2019

“Your Talent determines what you can do.
Your motivation determines how much you are willing to do.
Your attitude determines how well you do it”.

SRIHER celebrated the 4th Talent Day “Tarangini” on 22nd November 2019, a breath taking event reminding all the employees that they are talented and their talent has value.

SRIHER – Talent Day is a platform for all to exhibit talents of singing, dancing, acrobatics, acting, drumming, cooking, painting, drawing, arts, playing an instrument or other talent within the time frame of 90 seconds. Yes, you heard it right, 90 seconds is all they had to badge the title.

The performances were amazing as well as entertaining, at the end of the event, almost everyone left the hall with boosted confidence and smile on their faces .To motivate them they were awarded with prizes.

The fruit of the effort made was witnessing a campus enriched with employees who shared great interpersonal relationship.

Congratulations to all the winners of 4th SRIHER –Talent Day “Tarangini 2019”.