Road to Tokyo 2020 Quiz

The Sports Authority of India and The Indian Olympic Association jointly announced an event named “The Road to Tokyo 2020” a quiz to celebrate the Indian contingent in the prestigious Olympic Games in all of its 125-year-old glory and requested the Universities to conduct the quiz.

The guidelines provided were that : 

1. The quiz supposed to take place between 23rd July, 2021 to the 5th September 2021 within the Olympic and Paralympic Festivals.
2. The quiz should be completely based on the history of the Olympic games.
Mr. Vishnu Aravind and Mr. Giri Pranav from the Quiz Club of Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research (Deemed University) arranged for the quiz which was conducted online in the app,on 12.08 2021 due to the COVID situation.


Around 35 persons participated including the students, post graduates and faculty of the University. There were 15 questions in total, the participants were graded on the basis of right answer to the question and how fast they answered the questions. The questions ranged from India’s medal tally in the history of Olympics to Michael Phelps retirement from the games in future.



After an intense battle, Mr.Vignesh Shantharam from the BMS Department finished first with 10200 points. Dr.Ram Mohan from the Pediatrics Department finished 2nd with 9420 points.





Mr.Vishnu Aravind shared the answers with the participants and announced the winners list. The event came to an end with Distribution of the prize to the winners by Prof.Dr.K.Vignesh, Dept. of Orthodontics, Sri Ramachandra Faculty of Dental Sciences.
The Quiz Club of SRIHER (DU) humbly thank the Government and the SRIHER (DU) Management for giving us the opportunity to celebrate the event with valour and delight.

Report written by Mr.Vishnu Aravind, President, Quiz Club, SRIHER (DU).