Tamil New Year Celebrations – 2021

On 15th April 2021, the members of SRIHER Student Council organized the first ever virtual Tamil new year celebration event.

At 16:30 hrs, the program began with the greetings from Dr. K. Balaji Singh, Dean of Students. The event was hosted by Ms. R. B. Akshaya, BBA and Ms. Aaliyaa Begum, AHS – Members of Student Council.

The program started by invoking the blessings of the almighty with the prayer song followed by the SRIHER Anthem.

Ms. Salikaa Lakshmanan, the Student Council President welcomed the gathering and introduced the event which will attempt to capture the essence of Tamil New Year and the heritage of Tamil Nadu.

Introduction by Dr. K. Balaji Singh, Dean of Students

Welcome address by Ms. Salikaa Lakshmanan, President of University Student Councilimg2

The SRIHER Music club presented a melodious medley of performances from students. The Music Club was initiated in SRIHER to encourage our students to express and nurture their talents. It aims to cultivate the talent and passion for music, enabling them to participate at an intercollegiate level and display the wide array of talents possessed by the musicians of SRIHER.


The following SRIHER Music club members delighted the gathering with their performance.
Mr. Vasantha Kumar. R, AHS
Ms. Sesha Sai Aasritha. R, BDS
Ms. Supritha. J, MBBS
Ms. Madhumitha Venkatesh, MBBS
Music by:
Mr. Wafiq Shimar, MBBS

The music performance was followed by the SRIHER Dance club performance. The dance club of SRIHER is also a student initiative to bring all the graceful dancers, creative choreographers and nothing but pure art lovers under the same roof to experience the joy of this art form. At present there are about 140 art enthusiasts in this club from various departments of the university.

On the Tamil New Year Celebration event, we had the SRIHER dance club, enlightening us on the various dance forms representing different cultural roots of TamilNadu.
Bharatanatyam, the oldest classical dance heritage of India is regarded as the mother of many other Indian classical dance forms was performed by Ms. Baby Mahitha Anumolu, MBBS.

Kuthu is a folk dance and music genre with an emphasis on percussion performed in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is one of several popular genres employed in film music. This dance was performed by Mr. Rohit. K. R, SLHS.

Kolattam is an ancient village art. It could also be called the “stick dance”. This is performed by women only, with two sticks held in each hand, beaten to make a rhythmic sound. This dance was performed by Ms. Anvitha, BDS and Ms. Poornima, BDS

Thappattam or Parai Attam is a traditional dance that involves the parai, a rhythmic beat instrument. The subtle form of dance accompanied by captivating music, is an ancient rural folk art.

Kummi is one of the ancient forms of village dances of Tamil Nadu. It originated when there were no musical instruments, with the participants clapping their hands to keep time. This type of dance is
also practiced during various religious ceremonies.

Both the Thappattam and Kummi were performed by the following students:
Ms. Jessica, BDS
Ms. Swarna, BDS
Ms. Abirami, BDS
Ms. Jesima, BDS
Ms. Hema, BDS

The dance performances were followed by the Tamil New Year special debate competition referred to as “pattimandram” in Tamil organized by the Tamil Club of SRIHER. The debate was moderated and judged by Dr. Thiagarajan. K. A, Associate Professor, Sports Medicine on the topic “The role of school education versus college education in the development of today’s youth.”

“இன்றைய இளைஞர்களின் வளர்ச்சி பங்கு – பள்ளி கல்வியா? கல்லூரி கல்வியா?”.

கற்க கசடற கற்பவை கற்றபின் நிற்க அதற்குத் தக. என்ற வாக்கிற்கேற்ப தமிழ் மொழி கல்வி கற்க நல்ல நூல்களைக் குற்றமறக் கற்க வேண்டும், அவ்வாறு கற்ற பிறகு, கற்ற கல்விக்கு தக்கவாறு நெறியில் நிற்க வேண்டும். இதற்காக நமது கல்லூரியில் அகல் தமிழ் மன்றம் 11 மார்ச் 2019 ஆண்டு அன்று தொடங்கப்பட்டது.நம் மொழி என்றும் மறைய போவதில்லை என்பதற்கு எடுத்துக்காட்டே இந்த மன்றத்தின் துவக்கம். தமிழ் மொழியின் சிறப்பை அனைவரும் அறிய வேண்டும் என்பதே இந்த மன்றத்தின் நோக்கம்.

The teams comprising of a faculty member and three students included the following:
School Education:
Dr. Srikanth
Amirtha varshini – 3rd year BDS
Loga Priya – 2nd year B Pharm
Mohammed Basha – 4th year B Pharm

College Education:
Dr. Tamil Selvan
Thamarai Selvam – 2nd year Trauma Care
Swathika – 3rd Environmental Health Sciences
Gokul – 2nd year BDS


Tamil New Year Special Pattimandram
Several events and competitions were held in the past week as part of the Tamil new year celebrations. The team presented information on the events conducted and announced the winners of all the competitions. The judges for the different events were honoured.

Painting Competition

Firstly, the winners of Painting competition held on the theme “A heritage trail around TamilNadu” were felicitated. Significance of the theme was that it enabled the students to express their imagination and artistic skills to depict the rich culture and heritage of TamilNadu.

The event was organized by the following members of the student council:
Ms.Shruthi Sri,
Mr. Siddhant Raj Das,
Mr. Vijayaraghavan,
Mr. Sanjanaa

A total of 40 artwork submitted online were judged by Dr. Hemalatha CR – Senior Lecturer, Dept of Bio-Informatics and Dr. Vasugi – Asst. Professor, Dept of Pathology. The artworks were judged based on the criteria of interpretation and clarity of the theme, creativity and originality of the theme, quality of artistic composition & overall design & overall impression of the art.

3rd place – Rahul S, Bachelor of Physiotherapy
2nd place – Sarang P, Doctor of Pharmacy
1st place – Swathi, Bachelor of Physiotherapy.


Kolam competition

Kolam is a form of traditional decorative art that is drawn by using rice flour. It is a geometric line drawing composed of straight lines, curves and loops, drawn around a grid pattern of dots. Kolams are thought to bring prosperity to homes. The competition was held on the topic “Mannin perumai” which reflects sculptures, artforms, sports, leaders of TamilNadu students were asked to pour in their own creativity in it.

The event was organized by the following members of the student council:
Mr. R. Thangakumaran
Ms. Abhijnya
Ms. Mahek. V
Mr. Kishore. S
Ms. Rida Hussain Thavalam
Mr. Sollarasu. P. K. – Members of University Student Council.

The judges Mrs. Hemalatha CR – Senior Lecturer, Dept of Bio-Informatics, and Dr. Vasugi – Asst. Professor, Dept of Pathology assessed them on the basis of their creativity, justice to the topic and their efforts.

Winners: 3rd prize – Subashree S, BDS, 2nd prize – Swathi S, BPT
1st prize – Lakshmi Gribha L, BSc Medical microbiology & applied molecular biology.

Poetry Competition

The Tamil poetry competition was held on the topic “TAMIL CULTURE” eliciting the view of today’s generation towards our culture. Total 38 participants registered and all the entries were emailed to the judges. The criteria for evaluation included the relevance of theme, creativity and originality, coherence of form and structure, clarity of image and language.

The event was organized by the following members of the student council:
Ms. Melina. A
Ms. S. Maanvi
Ms. Gouri Vinod Pillai
Mr, Melvin Joseph. M



Dr. Sri Hari – Demonstrator, Mind Body Medicine,
Dr. Sumathy – Professor, Biomedical Sciences.

3rd place – Kokila K, BPT,
2nd place – Bharathipriyan D, BMS & Rahul S , BPT,
1st place – Saiprithvi Ramasamy, BDS.


This game was conducted on 12th & 13th April with 60 participants in prelims and 6 participants in the finals. Based on the scores, starred questions (which the participants were informed about) and the timestamp on the google form, 6 out of 60 participants were selected for the finals. Finals was conducted in three rounds and the question patterns were “1 by 2, Joint family, Pick your Payasam”. This was more like an ice-breaker session and a fun filled event, and was well received by the students.

Organized by:
Mr. Giri pranav,
Mr. Vishnu Aravind,
Mr. Niranjan,
Ms. Maanvi,
Mr. Bharath,
Mr. Dharshan – Members of University Student Council.

3rd place- Sweta K, BSc Radiology and Imaging,
2nd place- Reshma S, PharmD
1st place- Subashree SV, BDS.


Kuralodu Vilayadu

This game focussed on the thirukkural was organized to encourage Tamil admirers on campus.

This event was conducted on 12th April 2021 online on google meet.
40 student members registered for the event

Round 1- 34 out of 40 participants appeared (conducted in kahoot platform)
Round 2- Top 10 out of 34 were selected for the next round (PPT)
Round 3- Top 3 out of 10 were selected from this round (Kahoot platform)

Organized by:
Ms. Velvizhi. S
Mr. Vasanthavel. M. S.
Ms. Balajivaijayanthi

3rd Place- Karthikeyani G, B.Sc Trauma Care Management
2nd Place- Naveenkumar M, B.Sc Applied Psychology
1st Place- Reshma.S, Doctor of pharmacy.


The New year celebrations concluded with a vote of thanks by Ms. Aaliyaa Begum – Member of Student Council, expressing gratitude to the Dean, Associate Dean and Assistant Dean of Students for guidance in conduct of the program. She expressed gratitude to the communication team, faculty members who served as judges and to the students for enthusiastically participating in the events.