Choice Based Credit System(CBCS)

The Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) offers a wide ranging choice for students to opt for courses based on their aptitude and their career goals. This system has been set up to accomplish a holistic learning experience for our students.

Newly Updated Syllabus

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CBCS Office Details
Coordinator : Prof : R.Sivakumar
Secretary : Ms.Lakshmi
Extn No : 3212
Phone No : 044-45928610
Email id :

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All students are requested to give their course details and choice of elective subjects. Electives will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

CBCS Update

  • QP Type A10 (AUAH; sem 4 onwards)
    End of Semester Examination (ESE) Theory for CT/DE- for Clinical courses in AHS - specializations Click here to view document
  • QP Type A9 - CT DE GUHS and Psychology
    Type A9 – UG programs CT/DE courses in Management [GUHS] AND Psychology Click here to view document
  • A8UG Qppattern
    UG Qp pattern for October session onwards for all CT/ DE courses attachedClick here to view document
  • Updated CBCS Handbook 2018-2019
    Updated CBCS Handbook 2018-2019 has been uploaded in our University website under the tag “for student > CBCS > CBCS Handbook”. It is also uploaded in under the tag Academics>CBCS.
  • CBCS Online Elective Registration UG
    CBCS Online registration process for 3rd and 5th-semester elective registration will commence on 17.04.2018 at 5 pm. The registration will close on 24.04.2018 at 5 pm. Click here to view document
  • UG pattern - Type A6 (AUAH sem 4 onwards)
    TYPE A6 FOR CBCS UG Programmes - UAA15CT202 CT12 Applied Anatomy & Physiology related to Anesthesia TechnologyClick here to view document
  • NEW GE JUNE2017
    Syllabus for new GE- UG Programmes introduced in June 2017 onwardsClick here to view document
  • B5 for English Courses-ASE009 (PG Elective)
    B5 for English Courses-ASE009 (PG Elective)Click here to view document
  • B4 for PG-APMI,APML,APNS,APRS,MRIT(from semester4) MPT,APPT,APCD
    B4 for PG-APMI,APML,APNS,APRS,MRIT(from semester4) MPT,APPT,APCDClick here to view document
  • B3 patttern for APML,APNS,APRS,APMI,APPT,MPT,APCD,MRIT(From semester 4)
    B3 patttern for APML,APNS,APRS,APMI,APPT,MPT,APCD,MRIT(From semester 4)Click here to view document
  • B2 Pattern -PG ALL CT DE
    B2 Pattern -PG ALL CT DEClick here to view document
  • A5 pattern-ALL UG PG electives
    A5 pattern-ALL UG PG electivesClick here to view document
  • A4-for English AAE001,AAE002,ASE003
    A4-for English AAE001,AAE002,ASE003Click here to view document
  • A3 for UG psycholoy CT DE
    A3 for UG psycholoy CT DEClick here to view document
  • PG SE for Semester 2 and 4, 2016-17
    Dear Students / Faculty, Please find list of electives offered for PG students for semester 2 and 4; 2016- 2017Click here to view document
  • PG GE for Semester 2 and 4, 2016-17.
    Dear Students/ Faculty Please find list of GE electives allocated for Semester 2 and 4 [2016- 2017. Classes begin from 5th January, 2017. Wish you a very Happy new year.Click here to view document
  • UG SE electives for 2nd and 4th Semesters
    Please find the list of UG SE electives finalized for DEcember 2016 session.Click here to view document
  • Electives offered for 2nd and 4th Semesters
    Please find the list of UG GE and SE electives finalized for DEcember 2016 session. Click here to view document
  • Welcome PGs 2016
    A warm welcome to you all for joining the CBCS PG programs this 2016. We thank you for making your choices and settling into the routine quickly. GOOD Luck and Enjoy your experience with us.
  • Admissions Batch elective registration, 2016
    Dear Students, elective registration online system has been activated. Kindly register your choices for the first semester. it will remain open until 26th July 2016; 4.00 p.m.
    DEAR STUDETNS, This is to inform you that the CBCS handbook is now available for your use on the SRU Connect (portal) and under "FOR students" menu of our University webpage [] Welcome to the world of choices under the CBCS program.
  • welcome to the 2016 batch freshers
    Dear Students 18th July 2016 CBCS office Welcomes each of you with warmest greetings and best wishes in your chosen program. We all are happy that you chose to begin your vibrant career and youth by joining the great family of SRU. May best wishes and blessings for success be with you.
  • Electives for UG; Semester iii
    Congrats to all successful candidates promoted to the 3rd Semester. The The UG electives for the 3 Semester began from 9 June 2016. We thank the students and faculty for helping us make this a achievable milestone at the beginning of a new academic session.
  • UG electives Completion
    Dear Students, CBCS Office thanks each student and their department faculty for completing the GE choices in time. Electives allotted will soon be announced.
  • PG Electives REgistration
    REgistration for GE/AE/SE Pg Programs began on 18th May 2016 from 11.00 am onwards. Kindly complete the registration process.
  • CBCS 3rd semester pre-registration
    3rd semester pre-registration will be opened at 2pm on 02.05.16.
  • ExamSchedule CBCS
    Dear FAculty, Please find on our portal- SRU CONNECT, under CoE the Exam Schedules for UG and PG Theory courses uploaded. We do hope it will be useful to you all.
  • CA III GE marks with PG attendance
    REspected Faculty, kindly provide the CAIII marks for GE, SE, AE courses of your program online along with attendance. This will be helpful to know the lack of attendance status of your students. Thanks
  • CBCS Office Details
    * CBCS Coordinator: Prof. R Sivakumar Office Contact Details: CBCs Office Secretary: Ms Lakshmi CBCS Office Extn No.: 3212 CBCS Office phone no.:044-45928610 CBCS Office email ID:

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