Sri Ramachandra Awareness Week

Sri Ramachandra Awareness week was held between 27th and 31st of August 2018. Two competitions were launched for students to showcase their skills and passion for the university. The poster competition witnessed the true talent of the students, under the theme “Sri Ramachandra isn’t Sri Ramachandra without________”.

The photography competition under the theme “Hidden Treasure of Sri Ramachandra “was very well received and highlighted  that our students were geniuses behind the lens.

The week came to a culmination on 31st of August, with an event organized,where the students were invited to present their work and prizes were awarded. The poster competition was judged by Dr .Sumathy from the department of Biomedical Sciences.

The photography competition was judged by Dr.Rajeev from the Department of Radiology.  Ultimately, the Sri Ramachandra Awareness week helped instill in the students a sense of pride in their campus and opened their eyes to our college’s many hidden wonders.