World Hearing Day – March 2021

The students and faculty of the department of Speech Language and Hearing Sciences observed the World Hearing Day on 03.03.2021. Several activities were conducted over the week (01.03.2021 to 06.03.2021) to sensitize the public and the SRIHER employees & family regarding hearing health and care.

The B.ASLP intern students participated actively in several activities.
1. Questionnaire-based hearing screening camp was conducted for 6 days at the University Hospital and Medical Centre. Interns distributed the questionnaire to all the patients near the hospital registration. They also distributed the questionnaire in nine private clinics of the medical center. The total number of beneficiaries was 2527. All of them were provided with WHO hearing app details and links. The total responses of the questionnaire
received was 581 and 131 got referred.

2. Rangolis depicting world hearing day themes were laid at the lobby of the three hospital buildings such as Medical centre, G block and Kamalam Udayar building to create awareness on world hearing day. This was viewed by several passers-by who had their footfall in the hospital on the three days.

3.Students actively forwarded the Hear WHO app link to their fellow students from other
departments with a message to encourage them to download the App and use it
for themselves and their kith and kin,