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Alum Book

About Alumbook:

  • Alumbook is an alumni management system which helps the institution & students to connect with their Alumni’s.
  • Alumbook allows interaction & knowledge sharing between the fellow alumni’s as well as within the students & faculty of the institution there by maintaining long term relationships.

Alumbook Features:

  • Custom Alumni website
  • Mobile Application
  • Chapters are the backbone of an alumni association. Based on alumni’s current location they are mapped to the concerned chapter automatically.
  • We can create event with detailed information’s like Agenda, description, event banner, venue and guest allowed.
  • Alumni can post the jobs on the job portal which can be utilized by the juniors or other alumni of the college.
  • If an alumni is in need of job he/she can post the job requirement on the Job seekers portal
  • Each and every alumni will be given an e-member card based on the details they enter while registering with the portal.
  • Alumni’s can chat with other fellow alumni’s through this application

Link : alumni.sriramachandra.edu.in