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An Interaction with Hon'ble Prime Minister with Students to discuss Examination Stress

Campus Facilities

  • World Class library
    World class library with Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC),

    Internet browsing facility, photocopying room, subscription to international journals, Wi-Fi and a study hall.

  • College Auditorium
    Parking for Physically Challenged

    Parking for physically challenged people.

  • PCS Facilities
    PCS Facilities

    PCS Facilities

  • PCS Facilities
    PCS Facilities

    PCS Facilities

  • PCS Facilities
    PCS Facilities

    PCS Facilities

  • PCS Facilities
    PCS Facilities

    PCS Facilities

  • PCS Facilities
    PCS Facilities

    PCS Facilities

  • PCS Facilities
    PCS Facilities

    PCS Facilities

  • Canteen

    Hygienic, wholesome food is served at the Archana Tiffany's canteen. Small service counters are available in the college and the hospital areas

  • DTP Center and Courier Service
    DTP and courier service

    Offers mailings and other communications tools to best meet your mail needs.

  • College Cricket Ground
    Cricket pitch

    State-of-the-art turf which plays host to international cricketers

  • Football ground for college and university students
    Football field

    The soccer ground is available for SRU students

  • College Tennis Courts
    Tennis courts

    Tennis courts encourage students to practice their strokes after studies

  • College Banks and ATM

    On campus bank (ATMs) help for easy money transfer for the students

  • Volleyball court
    Volleyball court

    Volleyball court often see student groups practicing

  • College Basketball court
    Basketball court

    The Basketball courts are a huge hit with the students, especially the NRI's

  • Auditorium

    The auditorium is home to most major events of SRU be it the exams, Convocation day, University day and Conferences

  • Internet facilities
    Active Learning Centre

    Active Learning Centre with multiple computer terminals enables students to actively use the internet

  • Temple in the campus

    The temple of Lord Vaidyanatha Swamy dedicated to Shiva is a source of strength to students and patients

  • Railway Ticket booking
    Railway service

    The On campus Railway ticket booking service is a boon for both patients and students

  • Post office for students
    Post office

    The Post office is useful for money order transactions and for registered post services besides Saving Bank facility

  • lab for minor procedures
    Skills lab

    Skills lab is a simulation lab where students practice surgery & minor procedures

  • Grocery Stores
    Grocery store

    A small Grocery store at the Hostel provides students with toiletries and other items

  • Garden restaurant

    Garden restaurant is ideal when a person wishes to relax and enjoy non-veg cuisine

  • Laboratories for Practical learning

    Well equipped Laboratories is the area where students do their practical learning

  • Car bikes parking facilities

    Students and Faculty cars and bikes have exclusive paved parking lots

  • Canteen and dininghall
    Dining hall

    The Dining hall is clean, spacious and can meet the meal time rush

  • Security Office

    24 Hours Security Service Available

  • Transport service
    Transport service

    It is your one-stop shop for transportation in and around SRU.

  • Gym for College and university students

    SRU ensures that those keen on fitness can work out in the well equipped gymnasium (separate for boys and girls)

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