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International Outbound Students

At SRI RAMACHANDRA INSTITUTE OF HIGHER EDUCATION AND RESEARCH, we believe in helping SRIHER students to become global citizens with a wide-range of opportunities to help them succeed in the international and inter-cultural employment market after graduation.

To support our students in gaining these invaluable skills, we offer a great range of life changing study abroad opportunities for students to experience during their undergraduate studies with us.

Why study abroad?

It is believed that students who participate in study abroad:

  • Are more likely to be in for further education or employment 6 months after graduation.
  • Earn higher than average salaries
  • Are more likely to get good marks/grades

Employers know that Study Abroad makes graduates more employable and multinational companies are looking for graduates who have had some form of international experience.

There are also the academic and personal benefits to Study Abroad:

  • Improved study techniques
  • Increased self-awareness & self-reliance
  • Inspires their future career or study choices
  • Improved communication skills & Individuality

If you are interested in study abroad outgoing please contact Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research International Relations Office.

How do I apply?

On this page you can find the information you need to make an application to study abroad to our Partner Universities around the world. All students must apply through the International Relations Office.

The deadlines for submitting an application to the Study Abroad Team are:

  • Full Year or Semester One only: April
  • Semester Two only: September

You can download the STUDY ABROAD REGISTRATION FORM from SRI RAMACHANDRA INSTITUTE OF HIGHER EDUCATION AND RESEARCH website to help you make a successful application.

Download Abroad Registration form

Contact Us


You can email us at [email protected]. Outbound students can also contact one of our staff at International Relations Office.


Please feel free to call us on +91-44-45928693 and speak to one of the team members.


3rd Floor, Medical College Building
IQAC Wing, (Opposite to Alumni Office)
Porur, Chennai 600116- INDIA