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Departmental Recognitions

To commemorate the International Day for Elderly on 1st October 2016, the Department of Prosthodontics, Faculty of Dental Sciences, Sri Ramachandra University, launched the following projects.
1. A priority clinic, with the theme “GRAND PARENTING”, targeted specifically for elders above the age of 60 was started. The registration counter was inaugurated by Dr.S.P.Thiyagarajan, Vice chancellor, Research, SRU on 1st October 2016. The needy elderly patient will be adopted by an intern as led light bulbs for home they walk in for registration. The concerned intern will accompany them and ensured that priority treatment was rendered in all departments.

2. A Free Removable Denture Camp was organized by the Department of Prosthodontics in association with the Indian Prosthodontics Society. Advertisements were given in the News dailies and a total of 54 patients enrolled for removable denture prosthesis.

3. In an effort to provide comprehensive oral healthcare to elderly people, an Old Age Home will be adopted and faculty from Department of Prosthodontics with Post-Graduate students will visit for screening and subsequent treatment with removable dentures for the needy.

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