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Research focus
Thrust area
Dental Implant Design
Quality Of Life
Prosthodontics Curriculum
Geriatric Prosthodontics
Material Sciences
Forensic Dentistry
Bio Markers In Implantology
Microbiological Studies Relating To Prosthodontics 
Occlusal Analyzers
Epidemiological Studies
Masticatory Efficacy

Skill lab
Physio-dispenser & Implants Kits
Bego Induction Casting Machine
Vita Ceramic Furnace

Collaborating institutions
Till 2020 an  M.O.U signed between Kyushu Dental University, Japan and the Department of Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge, Faculty of Dental Sciences, Sri Ramachandra University was utilized to its maximum benifit for the Postgraduate students. Every year Postgraduates were sent for Advanced Implant Surgery and Related Course for a period of one month to Kyushu Dental University. The Postgraduates were given an extended training on treatment planning and implant surgical procedures in different clinical situations and subsequent prosthodontic rehabilitation of the same.
Since 2021, an MoU between West Virginia University (WVU), USA and the Department of Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge, Faculty of Dental Sciences, Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education & Research was signed. As part of the MoU, postgraduate students will be sent to WVU for a period of 1 month to attend a module based learning and hands-on experience related to Speciality prosthodontics. Two webinars have been conducted aspart of the MoU.
Indian Patent- Intellectual property India- SHADENT - A DIGITAL TOOTH SHADE SELECTION – Reference number- 201841046815, App.Number- TEMP/E-1/51080/2018- CHE – 11/12/2018

Research Under Study
To compare the anticandidal effect of commercial denture cleansers and natural extracts.
Guide: Dr. Saravanan

Evaluation of cytotoxicity between injection moulding and compression moulding (Poly methyl Metha Acrylate) PMMA – in vivo study
Guide: Dr. Shanmuganathan Dr Saravanan

To evaluate the influence of catechin (EGCG) on the cytotoxic effects of heat activated poly methyl metha acrylate (PMMA)- an in vivo study
Guide: Dr. Uma Maheswari

To evaluate the effect of sodium silicon fluoride on dimensional stability of alginate
Guide: Dr Karthigeyan

Evaluating the charectistics of thermoplastic resin denture base materials and compare the properties of tissue supported and tooth supported prostheses
Guide: Dr. Fathima Banu & Dr I Athiban

A novel technique to establish the link between oral microbes and atherosclerosis using saliva as a diagnostic tool.
Guide: Dr Saravanan

To evaluate and compare the effects of persulfate containing denture cleansers and persulfate free denture cleansers on acrylic teeth stained with smoke.
Guide: Dr.N.Shanmuganathan & Dr.S.Madhankumar

Designing and evaluation of removable dental prosthesis as a sustained drug delivery system-an in-vitro study
Guide: Dr. Fathima banu

A novel technique to remove caries and restore tooth in an atraumatic way
Guide: Dr. Saravanan

To evaluate the efficiency of the Punica granatum, (Pomegranate) and Psidium guajava (Guava) on heat cure acrylic resin against Candida albicans
Guide: Dr Prathibha & Dr Saravanan

Assessment of the attitude of undergraduates dental students towards the geriatric population in prosthodontics
Guide: Dr. T. T. Saravanan

To compare surface roughness and adherence of Candida albicans over denture base subject and to different polishing agent. -  Ms.Swetha II yrBDS
Guide: Dr. Fathimabanu:  Co Guide: Dr. V. Anand Kumar

To determine the bond strength of nano hybrid composite teeth to the heat cured acrylic resin in comparison to the conventionally available acrylic teeth
Guide: Dr. Karthigeyan

To ascertain the efficacy of green tea catechins in disinfecting of impressions and to ascertain the viability of water infused with green tea as a substitute for mixing of alginate. – MsAshritha Final year B.D.S
Guide: Dr. Karthigeyan