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About the Department / Program
The Department of Neurology, SRMC was started in 1994 by Dr. Ramesh M who was later joined by Dr. S S K Ayyar and Dr. Vasudevan. Prof. U Meenakshisundaram joined the department in Sep 1998 and  Prof. C U Velmurugendran in April 1999 after which D M (Neurology) course was started in June 1999 under their able leadership.  The first batch D M (Neurology) passed in the year 2002 and and till now, 20 candidates have passed and gone to become successful teachers and practicing neurologists. 

Over the years our department is actively involved in CME, conducting seminars  and workshops. The department has a well structured, intensive teaching program and is a regular partaker and organizer of academic activities.

The Department is equipped with a full fledged Neurophysiology lab and also trains neuroscience technologists.There has more than a over 20 fold increase in the departmental IP and  OP statistics since inception till now,. attributable to years of hard work, dedication and patient care

There are 2 major goals; the first is to develop highly qualified clinical neurologists by providing an abundant and varied patient population combined with a comprehensive educational programme.

The second is to identify select and cultivate physicians with special aptitudes for careers in research teaching and/or public service.


Equip the trainees with the ability to correlate medical knowledge with the physical diagnosis of neurological disorders and articulate a thoughtful differential diagnosis and therapeutic plan.

To maintain the highest ethical standards and integrity in patient care, learning and interaction with faculty, peers, students and ancillary staff.

The training stresses the clinical approach to neurological problems and pursue knowledge in a specific area of interest in neurology, if so desired.

Clinical services provided (Speciality work)
Stroke Clinic
Movement Disorders Clinic
Integrated Parkinsons Care Clinic
Epilepsy Clinic
Headache Clinic