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Sri Ramachandra Faculty Of Occupational Therapy

Clinical focus
In Sri Ramachandra Faculty of Occupational Therapy - Department of Occupational Therapy offers Inpatients and out patients services in association with Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre , Sri Ramachandra Hospital , Sri Ramachandra Rural Health & Training Centre & Sri Ramachandra Rehabilitation centre. The thrust areas of services have evolved in Paediatric to Geriatric care. The specialty Service units involve interaction with various multidisciplinary teams. The routine clinical units and specialty clinics for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes include the following.

Occupational Therapy Service Unit:

● OT in Neonatal Intensive Care.

● Paediatric Neuro Care.

● Sensory Integration Therapy.

● Developmental Therapy ( Child & Adult ).

● Adult Neuro Care.

● Paediatric Psychiatric Care.

● Adult Psychiatric care.

● Wheelchair Consultation & Training.

● Paediatric ADL Skills.

● Adult ADL Skills.

● Paediatric Hand Rehab/ Customized Hand Splinting.

● Customized Assistive/ Adaptive devices.

● Ergonomics/ Industrial Rehabilitation.

● Home/ Environmental Modification.

● Pre- Writing / Handwriting Skills Training.

● Cardio Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

● Ortho/ Rheumatology Care & Burns Rehabilitation.

● Prevocational Skills Training , Job Analysis & Vocational Rehabilitation.

● Geriatric care.

● Parental/ Care taker education & Training / Home Program.

● General Occupational Therapy Services.

● Community Based Rehabilitation.

● Oncology Rehabilitation.

● Antenatal & Postnatal Care.

● Hand & Musculoskeletal Therapy.

● Group Therapy / Play Therapy.

● ADL / Self Care Skills Training.

● Recreational / Leisure Skills Training.