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English Language Lab

About the Department / Program
English being a global language and the medium of instruction, the felt need of equipping students with better communication skills is imperative. SRIHER houses an English Language Lab resourced with authenticated English Learning software dedicated exclusively for honing English skills functioning since 07-09-2011.

This English Language Lab is situated on the 1st Floor of Faculty of Engineering and Technology and is equipped with 29 computers which are loaded with four English learning software from Clarity,  namely Tense Buster, Issues in English, Study Skills Success and Connected Speech. The graded learning modules focus on the four English skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) along with grammar. The software, Tense Buster helps to break the boredom in learning grammar. While Connected speech concentrates on the supra segmental features of speech such as sounds, stress and pitch. The Issues in English has a range of  topic based tasks to enhance overall competency. The study skills Success is a preparation for exam takers.

These multimedia interactive software are designed to be user friendly in allowing independent and individual learning. These fun filled activities are developed at  3 different levels beginners, intermediate and advanced giving the flexibility to choose the learning as per the felt need. Learning at their own pace allow individuals to take away the pressure of task completion.  All tasks have in built assessments that ensure their progress at every stage.

The students from all undergraduate courses with English as one of the subjects are allowed to work in the language lab in batches. Apart from the students, the staff from Vidya Sudha, who undergo communication training programme are also exposed to language learning through the English language lab.