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Clinical Psychology

About the Department / Program
The Department of Clinical Psychology was established on September 2000. The department runs a two year regular course in M. Phil Clinical Psychology as per guidelines of Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). The department focuses on career based education, patient care, outreach programs, and research activities very much sensitive to the contemporary needs of the society.

The department has an enormous facility of library books, test materials and equipments related to assessment; like tests of intelligence, personality, projective and neuropsychological battery and therapeutic facilities like play therapy, biofeedback and multi behaviour therapy equipments.  Field visit to various institutes are framed for the enhancement of student’s clinical exposure.

The department runs a regular out- patient based clinic that is 6 days a week the clinics are supervised by the faculties and assisted by the PG for their clinical Training. 

The department extends its teaching services to other departments like Bachelor Physiotherapy; Nursing; Speech, Language and Hearing Science, Allied Health Science, Optometry, Neuroscience, Environmental Health Engineering, and Sports medicine. Students from other institutes like Bharathiar University, Coimbatore; Mother Theresa College, Calicut and Dr MGR Janaki College, JBAS and WCC Chennai are posted in the department for their clinical practicum.

The department has been successful in academic, clinical research activities and in outreach programs.  The faculty and students of this department contribute essential services to patient care in the hospital as well as in the community setting. Faculties have completed researches and are proposed to present and publish their work.

1 M.Sc. Medical Psychology – Starting year 2019-20:
•  Medical Psychology focuses on how biopsychosocial factors influence health, wellness and illness. 
• Medical psychologists work in general hospital clinical setting along with other medical professionals. 
•  At present ours is the first University in India, to offer this course in a multispecialty hospital setup. Practical exposures to these students are through postings for few months inside the University medical hospital. 
• This program encompasses both theory and practical’s with opportunity to conduct research.
• It involves the application of theories in understanding the various diseases that may have underlying psychological/Psychopathological factors. 

2.M.Sc. Clinical Psychology – Starting year 2019-20:
• Clinical psychologists work in the clinical setting along with other mental health professionals. 
• They focus on Psychological evaluation to understand the psychopathology behind mental disorders and implement   Psychotherapeutic techniques.
• The biopsychosocial model of health is followed to promote and maintain mental health of  individuals. 
• They can assist certified Clinical Psychologists by carrying out Psychological Assessment and Therapy under supervision.