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Publications by the staff
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Awards for publications:
• Awarded Certificate of Merit for the book ‘Pharmacognosy: An Indian Perspective’ by Premchand Dandiya Endowement Trust, Jaipur, India in September 2014.

Book Authored:
Dr. K. Mangthayaru Pharmacognosy - an Indian perspective Total: 424 Pages , in 2013, Dorling Kindersley India Ltd. 

Chapters in Books:

1.  Mangathayaru K., V.K.Singh., J.N.Govil., Stadium Authored a chapter "Invitro antioxidant activity of Moringa pterygosperma leaves", Phytopharmac ology and Therapeutic values III- Recent progress in Medicinal plants 2008 Press, LLC, USA.

2. Dr.D.Chamundeeswari K.G. Kripa, R. Sangeetha, R. Venkateswari, R. Padmini Anti- inflammatory & anti oxidant potential of Ethyl Acetate extract of Leucas aspera on adjuvant arthritis Pharmaceutic ally important plants-ISBN: 978-81- 929313-2-6 2014 GRABS Educational Charitable Trust

3 S. Shanthi, X. Fatima Grace, S. Latha, D. Chamundeeswari Cytotoxic activity of stem bark of Ficus racemosa against Non-small cell lung carcinoma (A549) cells Medicinal plants: Phytochemistry, Pharmacology and therapeutics, Vol-4, ISBN: 9789351247043 2016 Daya Publishing House –A division of Astral International Pvt. Ltd., India