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Pharmacy Practice

About the Department / Program
The Department of Pharmacy Practice comprises a team of committed faculty who are involved in focused teaching on developing therapeutic knowledge, drug information skills, drug dispensing skills, skills related to medication therapy monitoring, identification of drug related problems and patient education to provide pharmaceutical care and manage disease states in a variety of practice settings. Pharmacy Practice is the study of Pathophysiology and Pharmacotherapy of diseases, management and treatment with emphasis on drugs of choice, dosing schedules, side effects, precautions to be taken, drug-drug interactions and patient counselling.  In addition, emphasis is laid on Hospital Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy, Community Pharmacy, Clinical Research, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics.


To promote rational use of medications in patient care settings for the enhancement of health and quality of life of the patients and the community.

  • To accomplish the healthcare needs of the patient community and the society
  • To render clinical pharmacy practices for better patient care as a part of health care team
  • To impart health awareness in the community through various programs endorsing the knowledge and attitude towards disease and its management
  • To promote research activities in the various field of Pharmacy Practice
  • To create unique opportunities for  students to connect and share with their peers in national and global clinical practice settings 


The objectives of the course is to provide the opportunity for the students to
  • Integrate the knowledge, skills and attitude acquired during their course work and apply it in meeting the challenges in the practice of pharmacy in India and abroad
  • Identify drug related problems and to apply it in real life situations for the promotion of rational drug use and achieving better patient care
  • Conduct effective professional interaction with patients and the multidisciplinary healthcare team in a clinical setting
  • Manage and use resources of healthcare system for the promotion of health improvement, wellness and disease prevention among the community
  • Be well equipped in academia and in the conduct of health research
  • Develop leadership qualities and entrepreneurial skills


Upon completion of the course the student should be able to
  • Apply medical and therapeutic knowledge towards the practice of pharmacy in varied health care settings
  • Provide effective pharmaceutical care to the patients
  • Demonstrate professionalism in interaction with patients, healthcare providers and the society
  • Rationalize safety and efficacy of medication use systems through appropriate usage of available resources
  • Engage in Personal and Professional Development