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Sentence of the Day

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Research focus
  • Research is now an integral part of the Health care System. Evidenced based treatment is the new mantra in management of disease.
  • The department of OMFS at Sri Ramachandra University believes in optimizing treatment protocol and contributing to the health care system by continuous research.
  • As a part of the post graduate curriculum dissertation on topics of interest related to oral and maxillofacial surgery are conducted and presented for evaluation every year,
The Department has 2 research scholars enrolled for PhD in the year 2012.

Guide- Prof C Ravindran:-
 1. Prof  Reena John
     Guide : Prof .C Ravindran  
     Comparative evaluation of pro inflammatory cytokines in oral SCC and Pre malignant lesions
2.  Rajasekar Ghali
     Guide : Prof .C Ravindran  
     Tissue Engineered Biosynthetic Bone Grafts For Reconstruction Of Mandibular Defects.

MDS Research Guides :-
1.    Prof C Ravindran
2.    Prof S Ramkumar
3.    Prof J Naveen Kumar
a) Priority areas for research
b)All Specialties – Maxillofacial Surgery
c) Ongoing Faculty Research Projects

A Randomised Controlled Trial to Increase the efficacy of 2% Lignocine in 1: 200000 Adrenaline in the infected and inflammed tissues by the addition Sodium Bicarbonate solution. Self Funded.

Investigators : Dr Senthoor Pandian , Dr.Shanthi , Dr Ravindran C

Research Projects : 
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