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Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Research focus
Research is now an integral part of the Health care System. Evidenced based treatment is the new
mantra in management of disease. The department of OMFS at Sri Ramachandra University believes in optimizing treatment protocol and contributing to the health care system by continuous research.
As a part of the post graduate curriculum dissertation on topics of interest related to oral and maxillofacial surgery are conducted and presented for evaluation every year,
The Department has 2 research scholars enrolled for PhD in the year 2012
Guide- Prof C Ravindran
 1. Prof  Reena John
     Guide : Prof .C Ravindran  
     Comparative evaluation of pro inflammatory cytokines in oral SCC and Pre malignant lesions
2.  Rajasekar Ghali
     Guide : Prof .C Ravindran  
     Tissue Engineered Biosynthetic Bone Grafts For Reconstruction Of Mandibular Defects
MDS Research Guides –
1.    Prof C Ravindran
2.    Prof S Ramkumar
3.    Prof J Naveen Kumar
a) Priority areas for research
    All Specialties – Maxillofacial Surgery
c) Ongoing Faculty Research Projects
A Randomised Controlled Trial to Increase the efficacy of 2% Lignocine in 1: 200000 Adrenaline in the infected and inflammed tissues by the addition Sodium Bicarbonate solution. Self Funded
Investigators : Dr Senthoor Pandian , Dr.Shanthi , Dr Ravindran C

Research Projects : 
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