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Nursing Foundation

The Nursing Foundation subject is taught in the first year of BSc. Nursing (Basic) and B. Sc Nursing (Post basic) programs. The syllabus is based on the Indian nursing council curriculum .The curriculum is revised and updated periodically based on the INC amendments and health needs of the country by the board of academic studies of the university.

B. Sc. Nursing (Basic) :
The nursing foundation subject in the first year is designed to help the students to develop an understanding of the philosophy, objectives, theories and process of nursing in various supervised clinical settings. It is aimed at helping the students to acquire knowledge, understanding and skills in techniques of nursing and practice them in supervised clinical settings.

B. Sc Nursing (Post basic):
The nursing foundation subject will help students develop an understanding of the philosophy, objectives and responsibilities of nursing as a profession. The purpose of the course is to orient to the current concepts involved in the practice of nursing and developments in the nursing profession.

The Academic year for UG and PG courses commences from October on wards.

Subject-based practical skills:

Various nursing procedures are taught in the demonstration lab with scientific principles which develops the confidence level of the students to practice in the bed side.

CourseSubject Theory (hours) Practical(hours)
B. Sc. Nursing (Basic) Nursing Foundation In class + lab 265+200 450
B. Sc. Nursing (Post Basic) Nursing Foundation 60 -
Trauma Care Management Principles of Nursing 60 30

Training provided
CourseSubject Hours Procedures
B. Sc. Nursing (Basic) Nursing Foundation Lab-200
 Hospital admission & discharge
 Vital signs
 Comfort devices
 Hygienic care
 Body alignment and mobility
 Oxygen administration
 Blood and blood components therapy
 Infection control
 Peri-operative care
 Administration of medication
 Decontamination of equipment & unit
 Care of dying

Anatomy & Physiology Lab -20 Use of models for teaching purpose
Trauma Care Management Nursing Foundation Lab- 30 Bandages.
Lifting and Transportation of injured person.
Vital signs – Temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure.
Comfort devices and positions
Hand washing

The lab is used for training of the students in all the nursing procedures. The faculty members use various modern and innovative teaching methodologies like self learning desk, role-play, debate, Quiz, and use anatomy models that are of immense benefit to students.