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Environmental Health Engineering

Conferences organized by the department
Conferences/Workshops/Seminars/Training Programmes conducted: 

1.Guest Lecture delivered by Dr. Sreekanth. V, NIN, Hyderabad on “Introduction to Black carbon
   Aerosols” , Feb 2016
2.Seminar on “Updates on Global Practices in Occupational Safety, Health and Hygiene – An
   Overview”,  Aug 2015
3. WHO Training Fellowship Program conducted for participants from N. Korea , Apr 2015
4. International Symposium on Climate Change, Heat Stress &Health , Apr 2015
5. Capacity building Workshop in ICMR CAR project ,Mar 2015
6. Workshop on exposure assessment methodologies for Air pollution related epidemiological studies
    – in ICMR –CAR Project, Mar 2015
7. Participant interaction program in ICMR CAR Project, Jan 2015
8. CME on “Application of Pharmacokinetics and Toxicology in Clinical Management: Current Methods
    and Emerging Tools” ,Aug 2014
9. CME on “Research Approaches to the Etiological Studies in Oro facial Clefts”, May 2014
10. Awareness program on “Indoor Air Quality and Investigation” for WHO Staff members Mar 2014
11. CME on “Recent advances in Nutrition & Air Pollution Epidemiology Application in Oro Facial Cleft”,
      in collaboration with Dept of Plastic Surgery ,Feb 2014
12. Certificate Course on “Climate Change & Health” in collaboration with UMEA University Nov 2013
13. Training Workshop on “Industrial Hygiene Measurements and Safety” in collaboration with
     Regional Labour Institute, Ministry of Labour, Government of India

National/International workshops, seminars, CMEs organized