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Environmental Health Engineering

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Consultancy Services
The department of EHE started to provide industrial hygiene, safety and occupational health consultancy services to the leather/tanning industries in Tamil Nadu, since the beginning (in 1998) and has kept expanding till now to offer a comprehensive range of advisory, training and research services with specific focus on occupational health & safety and industrial hygiene.

Since its establishment, EHE-SRIHER has provided assistance to more than 150 industries like Automobiles, Auto parts, Pharmaceutical, power Plant, Food Industry, Laboratories, Steel Industry, Chemical Plants, Electronic Industries, Printing & Packaging, Glass Manufacturing, Tyre Manufacturing, Health Care Sectors, Tanning, Paint Industries, Fertilizer Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Battery Manufacturing and Service sectors all over India, covering various sectors such as chemical, fertiliser, cement, textile, engineering, leather, sugar, port & dock, glass manufacturing and automobile industries.

Through its Consultancy services EHE has generated a sum of nearly Rs. 2 Crores to date.

EHE-SRIHER is a Technology Transfer Centre for the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), under support from the Technology Development Board of Government of India, for the provision of occupational safety and health services to industries.

In our current service packages, we strive to address various needs of the industries with regard to today’s occupational safety & health issues.

In the delivery of these services, we adhere to national and international practices, procedures and standards laid down in the Indian legal framework as well as by organisations such as NIOSH, OSHA, ACGIH, ILO, WHO and ISO.

The key areas of our consultancy services include:
  • Industrial Hygiene: Assessment and evaluation of workplace exposures
  • Industrial Safety: Assistance and guidance in safe maintenance of plants and systems of workplace
  • Occupational Health: Identifying and assessing health risks of people, medical Surveillance and fit-for-work examinations