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Sri Ramachandra College of Nursing

Conferences organized by the department
S.No Date & Year Details of Conference
1. 3rd- 5th January 2011 7th International Nurses Conference -Innovations in Nursing Education &Practice through Evidence Based Research: Paramount Importance.
2. 2nd -4th January 2012 8th International Nurses Conference -Translating knowledge through interactive teaching Learning enhances quality.
3. 7th - 9th January 2013 9th International Nurses Conference -Nursing nucleus in the health care domain
4. 6th - 8th January 2014 10th International Nurses Conference
5 5th-7th January 2015 11th International Nurses Conference:The changing Nursing scenario: Newer treatment modalities and technology
6 5th-6th January 2016 12th International Nurses Conference: Meeting Challenges: Transforming Nursing Care

Prizes Won
Ms. J. Maria Juliana
  B.Sc (Nursing) IV year has participated in the state level Student Nurses Association  Biennial Conference held on October 3rd to 5th ,2013 at Erode and has won first place in poetry / Recitation (English) & mock press competition. She has also participated in the XXV- National student Nurses Association Biennial Conference held on November 13th to 17th at Surat, Gujarat and has won the first place in Recitation/Poetry (English).