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Mind Body Medicine and Lifestyle Sciences

About the Department / Program
The Department of Mind Body Medicine and Lifestyle sciences, under the Faculty of Allied Health Science is the newly established department in February 2020.

Need for the Department:
  • Buzz word in health care today in mind body medicine and lifestyle management.  This program focuses on the fast growing field of health care, i.e. integrative health care with multipronged approach of handling the mind and the body through diet, exercise, meditation, yoga, art and resilience building entwined with the art of Coaching.

  • Quality of health begins with the choices we make every day, be it our eating, activities or thought.  These choices are emerging as a focussed speciality of Lifestyle Medicine focusing on preventing, treating and managing the lifestyle disorders.

  • With WHO estimate of upto 80% non-communicable diseases like diabetes, heart problems, stroke or cancer, are preventable if we make better choices in our life.  These include what we eat, how much we sleep, our physical activity, substance abuse (tobacco, alcohol consumptions), relationships and stress management.
With paradigm shift from communicable to non-communicable disease, SRIHER has taken the initiative to promote integrative healthcare management through the of Mind Body Medicine and Lifestyle sciences. The department perceives and appreciates health in a holistic manner and promote wellness.