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Mind Body Medicine and Lifestyle Sciences

Academic Programs :

  • Scope: Health & Wellness coaches who will be proficient in assessing client needs, building rapport and designing tailored strategies to best achieve and maintain clients health and wellness goals
  • M.Sc Mind Body and lifestyle sciences (2yrs program)
  • Mind Body Wellness Elective for MBBS students 
  • Mind Body & Wellness as elective course to CBCS students of SRIHER.
  • PhD in Mind Body Medicine and Lifestyle sciences (interdisciplinary fields).
Introduction about the M.Sc. Program in Mind Body and Lifestyle Sciences
  • Program shall be Two Years
  • It provides a profound theoretical, practical and clinical knowledge in mind body medicine, lifestyle modification including diet, exercise & yoga, Stress and resilience building and tenets of wellness coaching.
  • The program has been embedded with adequate clinical exposure through rotations and laboratory trainings.
  • Training on basics of research and biostatistics along with mandatory dissertation are additional features of the program.
Professional Training
  • The training focus on wide variety of well integrated practical techniques for self-care, mutual support and healthy lifestyle.
  • Profession training of this program covers fundamentals of mind body medicine and lifestyle modifications with scientific foundations.
  • Students of this course have an opportunity to learn and experience mind body medicine techniques like meditation, biofeedback, exercise and yoga.
  • Principles and practice of coaching form an integral part of this program including goal setting, change management and wellness coaching making them seamlessly integrate with any healthcare and wellness team.
  • The students will be rotated in the clinical and nutrition departments in addition to posting in governmental and non-governmental organizations for gaining practical training to facilitate learning by observation and internship.
  • Highlight of the program is the specialised training on SMART (Stress Management and Resilience Technique) of Benson Henry Institute, Harvard Medical School, USA by faculty from the USA.
  • Main strength of this Program are the wide range of topics covered which provides the student broader area of relevant knowledge. It also provides the student with adequate qualifications across a number of fields, to aid more scope for employment and higher education upon completing the course.
Who can join?
Graduate with any of the following degree from a recognized institution are eligible to apply
  • MBBS
  • BDS
  • BPT
  • BOT
  • B.Sc. Nursing
  • B.Sc. Allied Health Sciences/Trauma care management/Nutrition/Psychology/Yoga
  • B.Sc. Biological Sciences/Biotechnology/etc
Program outcome
  • Scope: Health & Wellness coaches who will be proficient in assessing client needs, building rapport and designing tailored strategies to best achieve and maintain clients health and wellness goals
  • Prepares the students to the fascinating career in mind body and lifestyle management
  • Understand and explore the interplay of physical, emotional, social and spiritual components of life.
  • Improve quality of life by using mind body approach to wellness.
  • Stress management and resilience building strategies.
  • Research the effectiveness of Mind body approach to wellness.
  • Learn coaching skills which helps them impact in healthcare management through effective communication on problem identification, goal setting, implementation and adherence.
Need for Health & Wellness Coach

Healthcare is becoming a strategic coordination of a team of experts in health management.  True reform hinges on creating a healthcare culture that is focused on patient self-motivation through behavioural and inspirational support from qualified healthcare professionals. In other words, this means embracing health coaching.
True healthcare reform springs from the capacity of individuals in a population to build self-care skills, improve their health behaviours and accept accountability for their health. It is not about giving motivation but inspiring it.”  - William Applegate, PhD, executive director of Iowa Chronic Care Consortium.
Career/ Placement opportunities
  • Hospitals
  • Hospitality industry
  • Industry (Wellness coach)
  • Fitness and sports coaching centres
  • Schools and Colleges (Stress & Resilience coach, Wellness coach, Higher Studies/Research Project Assistant)
  • Research and Development & Non-Government Organisation (NGOs) (Project/Research assistant)
  • For more info on the program, view this link on the recorded session with many of your doubts and questions answered. CLICK HERE
  • 100% placed through Campus Placement
Advertisement for admission will be published in the leading Newspaper as well as in the University Website during the month of April and the classes will commence normally from 2nd week of July of the academic year.