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About the Department / Program
Department of Optometry has been successfully functioning since 2007 in both clinical and academic aspects. The department offers active teaching and training for undergraduate, postgraduate students. The department also supports doctorate degree program.

The department has a team of exemplary faculties to provide learner-centered multifaceted approach to the concepts which facilitates the students to become an exceptional professional in the field. The department also provides clinical training for the students under all sub-specialties.

Clinical services of the department comprise of refractive error correction, early diagnosis of ocular diseases and disorders and providing appropriate optical management. Speciality care services like Low vision management, contact lens care, vision therapy, pediatric and geriatric care, orthoptics and squint management are also provided by the department of Optometry. The department also supports Ophthalmologists in screening for Retinopathy of Prematurity and screening of children with special needs enrolled under Karthikeyan Child Development Unit (KCDU).

In-campus services of the department extend to Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre, Sri Ramachandra Hospital and Vidyasudha – Sri Ramachandra Learning Centre for Children with Special Needs. The overall patient care delivered within the campus accounts to more than 1,00,000 patients every year.

Optometrists are trained to be as clinicians, academicians, research scholars, administrators and entrepreneurs. The students graduating as Optometrists are being placed in India and abroad as well. The alumni are contributing their services in Hospitals, clinical centers and educational institutions globally. Our Alumni have become entrepreneurs and a few are pursuing their higher education.