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Pharmacy Practice

Conferences organized by the department

  • 1.Pharmacy Practice Case Reviews – 2017 to 2019
  • 2.International Conference on “Clinical Pharmacy Practice Skills –Recent Perspective” organized by Department of Pharmacy Practice on 7/09/2016 to 9/09/2016
  • 3.Workshop on Pharmacovigilance & Campus Placement organized by Department of Pharmacy Practice, Faculty of pharmacy, SRIHER on 11.5.2015
  • 4.Continuing pharmacy education program was on 19.2.2015 on the topic “Pharmacy Practice in UK” by the speaker Dr. Vijayaraghavan Poondi, Director of Pharmacy, Bellevue Hospital, New York
  • 5.Continuing pharmacy education program was on 19.2.2015 on the topic “Clinical aspects of depression ” by the speaker Dr. Padmapriya Department of Psychiatry Medicine, SRIHER
  • 6.Continuing pharmacy education program was on 9/2/2015 on the topic “Diabetes - Causes and consequences. By the speaker Omics Balasubramaniyam, Dean of Research Studies & Senior Scientist, Madras Diabetes Research Foundation, Gopalapuram, Chennai-86.
  • 7.Continuing pharmacy education program was on 9/1/2015 on the topic “Importance of Pharmacovigilance and the scope for pharmacists in Pharmacovigilance program" by the speaker Dr. V. Kalaiselvan, Principal Scientific Officer, Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission, Government of India, UP
  • 8.Continuing pharmacy education program was on 16.6.2014 on the topic “Career Prospects in Pharmacy Practice " by the speaker Mr. Jacob Nicholas, Director Training Program, ACNOVA, The Academy for Professional Excellence, British Columbia, Canada
  • 9.PHARMPRAC 2013-A National Symposium on “Role of Pharmacists in Chronic Disease Management” on 2/9/2013.
  • 10.Professional Development Program for Hospital Pharmacists on the topic “Roles & Responsibilities of Hospital pharmacists” on 28/8/2013.
  • 11.SRU’s hands-on workshop on “Basic PK/PD modeling” from 29/4/2013 to 30/4/2013.
  • 12.Seminar on “Current Percepts in Pharmacovigilance” on 6/4/2013

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