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Pharmacy Practice

Research focus
Thrust areas
1. Drug Utilization Evaluation
2. Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring
3. Prescription Event Monitoring
4. Pharmacoeconomics
5. Pharmacokinetics
6. Quality of Life Assessments
7. Pharmacogenomics

Funded projects (Completed): (2013-2016)
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Pharmacovigilance cell
• Drug Information Center
• Vigiflow Software

Collaborating Institutions
Prof. Don. Downing,
School of Pharmacy, University of Washington, US, visited from 25.08.2016 to 13.09.2016.
Dr. Kobi T. Nathan
, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice, Wegmans School of Pharmacy, St. Johns Fischer College, Rochester, USA, visited from 1/2/2016 to 12/2/2016.
Mr. P. Thennarasu and Dr. N. Vanitha Rani, Assistant Professors, Department of Pharmacy Practice, had undergone exclusive training on diverse areas of Clinical Pharmacy Practice at different clinical practice settings of University of Rochester Hospital, Munroe Community Hospital, Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester and at Wegmans School of Pharmacy, St. Johns Fishers College, Rochester, USA, from 12/5/2016 to 26/5/2016, sponsored by St. Johns Fishers College, Rochester, USA