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Psychiatric Nursing

Research focus
Thrust area
Community psychiatric nursing, Childhood and Adolescents psychiatric nursing, Women’s mental health, Geriatric Nursing, Substance abuse, Psycho oncology, Alternative and complementary system, School mental health Program, Neuro psychiatric nursing, Guidance and Counseling, and Emergency psychiatric nursing.

M.D/M.S/M.D.S/Ph.D ongoing

S.no. Name of the scholar Title Agency Duration
1. NALINI S A study to assess the effect of Vipasanna meditation on psychosocial problems among patients with alcohol dependence admitted at selected de addiction center Self funded 2012 (4Years)
2. SARA SAPHARINA G J A study to assess the effectiveness of multi component regimen on Quality of life, stress, coping and schizophrenia relapse prevention plan among caregivers of schizophrenia admitted in selected hospitals at Chennai Self funded 2013(4Years)