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Women’s Wellness program is introduced as a Generic Elective for Choice Based Credit Systems for 4th and 6th Semester students.

Women’s Wellness: Generic Elective

45 hours optional course for paramedical students to be offered in the 4th semester/6th semester
[ on Thursdays 1:00 pm - 4:00pm ]

Each session will be for 3 hour with 2 Internal Asssessment

Learning Objectives :
  • A structured learning course on woman's wellness to understand the basics and key concepts of
    Unit 1- healthy woman and phases of a woman's life
    Unit 2- Emotional and mental health
    Unit 3- diseases in women
    Unit 4- Social, cultural and financial health
Principal Investigator
Project Title
as on October 2017
Dr. Vidya Venugopal
(Environmental Health Engineering)
Heat stress and lack of toilet access on the women,s health – A looming public health risk during hot season
  • Submitted for funding
(Human Genetics)
Study on the usefulness of urinary microRNAs as non-invasive molecular biomarkers for early prediction of preeclampsia
  • Concept proposal submitted to ICMR and accepted
  • Full proposal submitted -awaiting result
Dr. Teena Koshy
(Human Genetics)
MicroRNA as potential biomarkers for early detection of breast cancer in women examined by clinical mammography
  • Concept proposal prepared and discussed with Dr. Kavin.
  • Full proposal will be submitted after incorporating the necessary corrections.
Dr. Bhawna Dev
Impact of Breast tomo synthesis on BIRADS classification and its asociation with genetic variation in Breast lesions
  • Concept proposal prepared,
  • Full proposal will be submitted after incorporating the corrections
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